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This tool is provided as a free service of ER Assist Inc. , a disaster grant software and services firm. To find out more about our full equipment software offerings, check out the ER Assist Equipment Module . If you are looking for a cost code for a piece of equipment that is not in this lookup tool, please email us at As time allows, we’ll research and add the model to the database.

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I work on the ER Assist software help desk. If you’d rather just send us your full list of equipment and have us return it to you complete with FEMA equipment cost codes, my co-workers and I would be happy to help. Most of our cost-code help desk work bills at $35/hour, and equipment lists generally take between 2-8 hours to complete. Send us your list and we’ll get started!
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Help Desk
Need more than just equipment cost code look-up help? I can travel to your location to assist you with any of your disaster grant development, reimbursement, or compliance needs. Our costs are usually reimbursable as part of your disaster grant.
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Software Support Specialist
Hi there, the goal of this page is to make compliance with federal disaster grants easier for you! If you see a bug with this page, have a suggestion, or have a piece of equipment that is not in this lookup tool, please email us at
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Technical Solutions Architect
At ER Assist, we help communities recover from disaster by providing public infrastructure disaster grant software and services. We realized equipment cost codes were a bottleneck in the development, reimbursement, and closeout process of grants; so we built this tool for our clients, then we decided to make it public. If you find this tool useful, please spread the word!
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Project Specialist

Frequenty Asked Questions

Enter the equipment name (or portion of the equipment name) in the search box and press enter (or click magnifying glass/search icon). The results will show all equipment models in the system that match your search term in some way. Click on the box/card of equipment model that best matches your search to see the full equipment info page for that piece of equipment.
If your search term doesn’t return the results for which you are looking, try a variation (more or less) to your search term. Keep in mind that some manufacturers may go by various nicknames or may have merged names.
Some equipment, especially for those used in repairing electrical lines, are actually a combination of equipment/codes (ex. dig derricks, or cherry pickers).